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baltimore riots 1861

The Union ticket, headed by Augustus W. Bradford, was elected and a strong Union majority was returned to the State Legislature. I then felt a pistol placed right close to my head so that I felt the cold steel upon my forehead. [William Edward Burghardt] Du Bois, U.S. historian and civil rights leader, founder of what became the NAACP. He would have his soldiers, and he would have to get them by way of Baltimore—even if they had to fight their way through as Brown had warned. On June 21, military authorities charged the presence of organized resistance to Federal laws in Baltimore and arrested Police Marshal George P. Kane, A provost marshal was appointed to head the city's police. The discharge of the pistol, which blew off a large piece of skin of my forehead and covered my face with blood, caused me to fall. Every man tightened his grip on his Springfield, and most avoided looking out the windows, for fear of locking eyes with a pro-Confederate rough. Martin Wooden was shot in the groin. Federal guns looked down menacingly and martial law prevailed Over political liberties and many constitutional freedoms. He gave no provocation whatever. According to folklore, the name “Plug Ugly” possibly refers to a specific gang member who was considered ugly to look upon but generous with his tobacco plugs—an inverse of the expression “ugly plug” or the “ugly blows” the gang delivered in its fights. There were only a few muskets and no cannon. Mayor George William Brown and Maryland Governor Thomas Hicks implored President Lincoln to reroute troops around Baltimore city and through Annapolis to avoid further confrontations. On top of this the president had to contend with Baltimore, a city the British once branded “a nest of pirates.” Its deeply pro-Southern populace made it un­friendly ground for the Rail Splitter, who had won a paltry 4 percent of its total popular vote in the last election. Four soldiers {Corporal Sumner Needham of Co I; Privates Luther C. Ladd; Charles Taylor; and Addison Whitney of Co D} and twelve civilians were killed in the riot. And since they knew they'd be coming into the President St Station, waiting at the Camden St Station with their police protection was at best a very poor plan. My Maryland! Neither Race nor Color nor Frustration is an Excuse for Either Lawlessness or Anarchy." Thornton begged them to spare his life, and to mollify them, told them that he was one of Billy McMullen’s crowd in Philadelphia. Baltimore 1861 Dennis Ahern will address this topic at the Boston Public Library Orientation Room, McKim Building 230 Dartmouth Street, Copley Square Wednesday, October 12th at 6:00 p.m. Every year, on April 19th, we are reminded of the minutemen who went to the bridge in Concord in 1775. They inquired as to where he lived, if he was going to Philadelphia to vote, and ended with a threat that if any Grant and Colfax men were in the car they would have their brains blown out. The Baltimore riot of 1861 (also called the Pratt Street Riot and the Pratt Street Massacre) was a conflict on April 19, 1861, in Baltimore, Maryland, between anti-War Democrats (the largest party in Maryland), as well as Confederate sympathizers, and members of the Massachusetts militia en route to Washington for Federal service. It sent a delegation to Jefferson Davis to assure him of Maryland's sympathy. He was reelected in 1858 after the newly developed City Reform Association’s candidate, Colonel A.P. He stood behind his administration and claimed: I do not hesitate to say that the press has done more injury to this city than ten times the catalog of rowdyism which it has professed to detail. “You will undoubtedly be insulted, abused, and, perhaps, assaulted, to which you must pay no attention…even if they throw stones, bricks, or other missiles…. Some Baltimoreans’ distaste for the new president had no doubt been heightened by a recent incident involving Lincoln himself. Kenny Driscoll at This email address is being protected from spambots. Ret. Maryland!His torch is at thy temple door,Maryland!Avenge the patriotic goreThat flecked the streets of Baltimore,And be the battle queen of yore,Maryland! As the train continued down Canton Avenue, the mob followed it, but the violence had ended. Other Southerners also reacted with hostility to the battle; James Ryder Randall, a teacher in Louisiana but a native Marylander who had lost a friend in the riots, wrote: "Maryland, My Maryland" for the Southern cause in response to the riots. It produced the first deaths by hostile action in the American Civil War. We don’t like the Demmy’s, for Fillmore is our boast, And here in old Maryland he is a perfect host, Nor do we love the Argus, with all its boasted eyes, For our motto is “ever on,” root hog or die. Secessionist sympathy was strong in Baltimore, a border state metropolis. For we are the native party… But as we are all natives; and proudly we can brag, As true sons of America, we’ll fight beneath its flag, Nor from the field of honor, never will we fly, But as good Plug Uglies we’ll root hog or die. Everything came to a head in the 1859 elections. My Maryland! W.E.B. Sumner Henry Needham is considered to be the first Union casualty of the war, though technically he was killed by civilians in a Union state. While most Baltimoreans felt that Lincoln should keep his hands off the South, there was also a smaller contingent of Confederate zealots there who were more than willing to go to war over it. Each side was accusing the other of firing that first shot, the shot that soon sparked a volley of shots coming from both sides. It is regarded by historians as the first bloodshed of the American Civil War. Meanwhile bystanders couldn’t help but notice the soldiers; their military caps and upright muskets betrayed the railcar passengers’ identities. On April 19, the Union's Sixth Massachusetts Regiment was traveling south to Washington, D.C. through Baltimore. The Plug Uglies coalesced shortly after the creation of the Mount Vernon Hook-and-Ladder Company, a volunteer fire company whose truck house was on Biddle Street, between Pennsylvania Avenue and Ross Street (later Druid Hill). Unionists continued to rule the Legislature until Federal military control was withdrawn from the State after the war. A committee was organized with the valiant attempt to secure nominations of honorable selected from the best, most reliable, and most competent men in this community.” Meanwhile, the Know-Nothings held a counter-demonstration. The reporter then went on to describe an oddly comical incident. Meanwhile, in the more northern states, the Republican Party was growing at a feverish pace, replacing many American loyalties. Please get in touch. She'll come!Maryland! In the Twentieth Ward, men broke into the ward house and destroyed the ballots. Lincoln had traveled the route while the city slept in February, but on April 19 the 6th Massachusetts was about to make that trip in broad daylight, through streets teeming with Southern sympathizers. Rioters dumped heavy anchors and cartloads of sand onto the tracks. Maryland!Thy beaming sword shall never rust,Maryland!Remember Carroll's sacred trust,Remember Howard's warlike thrust,-And all thy slumberers with the just,Maryland! Like the Minutemen of 1775, the 6th’s ranks had reported for duty without question or delay. We hope the reader will still form an opinion of their own based on the information written at the time, and not information more recently written that has a so-called "filtered past" that has been twisted and pulled in the direction of a storyteller's personal agenda. A teenager from D.C. named Martin Throop was shot in the head and shoulder and cut with a knife in the arm. In Lowell 17-year-old Private Luther Ladd traded his machinist’s apron for a uniform and buff trimmings. Most of the fighting took place along President Street, from near the harbor north to Pratt Street, and along Pratt St., west to Light Street. He called the Legislature "to consider the condition of the Stale" and devise ways to maintain peace. addyb63a1c3f0281b32dbe16d58aa61be548 = addyb63a1c3f0281b32dbe16d58aa61be548 + 'BaltimoreCityPoliceHistory' + '.' + 'com'; They even rolled in a cannon. The gang associated with the emerging American Party (the Know Nothings) in Baltimore. Each had lobbied hard, and supporters turned out in droves, only to encounter drunken partisans who harassed and fought their opponents. The mob crowded against the windows, shouting for Seymour and Blair, which was their rallying cry. She'll come! In other words, serious incidents occurred—and the fighting continued for days—but no other full-scale riots happened. Bullets whistled past from all directions, striking rioters, soldiers and bystanders. While this was going on inside, the crowd outside was incessantly yelling, “Bring them out. Maryland!Virginia should not call in vain,Maryland!She meets her sisters on the plain-Sic Semper! Election day began much like the previous one had with small fights, growing anger and lots of drinking. Les émeutes de Baltimore sont un événement qui se produit à Baltimore, dans l'État du Maryland aux États-Unis à partir du 25 avril 2015 et se poursuit en mai, en réaction à la mort de Freddie Gray, un Afro-Américain de 25 ans, survenue le 19 avril précédent. 5. … 21222, Copyright © 2002 Baltimore City Police History - Ret Det Kenny Driscoll. Better the fire upon thee roll, Better the shot, the blade, the bowl. 6th Massachusetts Militia attacked in Baltimore 1861.jpg 4,547 × 3,190; 3.61 MB. While the American Party was being quickly dismantled on the national scale, it managed to retain its hold in Baltimore for several years, where the city’s long history of patriotism at all costs helped secure American sympathies. When Fort Sumter fell on April 13 without a single man lost, the Virginia legislature took up a measure on secession. It was a stark contrast to the trip’s first 300 miles, throughout which jubilant crowds hailed them with refreshments and patriotic demonstrations at every station. "Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. We will not tell our readers what to think about our past, as much as we will tell a story as it was written with the hopes of our readers forming their own opinions. American Guy Silwright took three shots. - Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, A Day Before the Pratt Street Riots was a Different Set of Fighting and Rioting - Down Howard to Camden, up Camden to Eutaw, Paca and Pratt streets to Mount Clare Depot Setting the Stage for What Would Come the Next Day at Pratt and President Streets, The mob, having savagely choked a Union Sympathizer who had tried to tear down the Secession Flag, circled the soldiers and halted the, But to the flag affair. Maryland!My Mother State! She breathes! That said, ever so often we might come across a story that to us is so exciting we might express that enthusiasm in our writings. Loosely organized as the Know-Nothings. North Carolina Congressman A.W. At the Washington riot, the National Guard called out to quell the fighting, shot and killed ten citizens. Baltimore riots can refer to several incidents of civil unrest in Baltimore, Maryland's history. 3. He curtly ordered nearby police officers to clear the obstructions, then hurried off to meet the advancing Massachusetts soldiers. “Gangs of young men parade public thoroughfares, armed with knives and revolvers,” wrote the Sun in 1857, describing the makeup of these groups, which relied on violence and intimidation. My Maryland! Although Marylandhad always leaned toward the south culturally, sympathies in the state were asmuch pro-Union as they were pro-Confederate. Like similar associations in Baltimore and other United States cities during this period, the Plug Uglies' street influence made them useful to party politicians anxious to control the polls on Election Days. Before he could shoot him, someone else cried out, “That’s not the man; he’s in the last car.” The ruffian and his entourage rushed down to the rear car, but by this time, the train had started backing up. The participants were Confederate sympathizers and members of the Massachusetts Militia who were en route to Washington, D.C. to report for federal service. Baltimore Riot (April 19, 1861) A clash between pro-South civilians and Union troops in Maryland's largest city resulted in what is commonly accepted to be the first bloodshed of the Civil War. Sick of the endless, constantly escalating violence, the city’s public began fighting back. The Baltimore Riots of 1861, which broke out on April 19, 1861 when Union troops being transferred to Washington, D.C. were attacked by mobs of Confederate sympathizers and pro-slavery activists who lived in the city at the outbreak of the Civil War, left some sixteen people dead and dozens more injured. Frederick Tollet, a German, took a ball under his left jaw, but it was only a flesh wound and easily removed. And both were men of great authority in the metropolis. Baltimore Police Historical Society put the articles found on this site together using research from old newspapers, old books, old photographs, and old artifacts. But two blocks farther on, near the corner of Light Street, rioters hit the 6th’s men again, this time killing teenager Luther Ladd, who just two days before had traded his machinist’s apron for regimental dress. 4. Then came the sad affair of Friday, the 19, The Baltimore Police Department is disbanded, and rebuilt as a result of Marshal Kane, and Mayor Brown's handling of the Pratt St riots of 1861, Why Marylanders Stayed “Loyal” To The Union, Again. 3 spinning room. The mayor and Follansbee met at the base of Pratt Street, and Brown introduced himself. Without hesitation, he gave the order to march. Copies of: Your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. A German, took a ball under his left jaw, but the Union majority returned... Windowless and riddled with bullet holes past from all directions, striking rioters, soldiers and bystanders and Ross,! Militia who were en route to Philadelphia kenny Driscoll yourselves. ” Follans­bee pushed on without a single man lost the... A lit match to a pistol shot occupation of Baltimore allan MacLeod Cormack, physicist, developed the scan. Meanwhile bystanders couldn ’ t shoot, they were called Know-Nothings because members answered they. Match to a head in the 1859 elections creek to creek, Potomac to! Of voting fraud, the gang was involved in several assassinations and shootings in Baltimore 1861.jpg 4,547 × ;. Were mayor Brown rushed east on Pratt Street president in 1860 Gambrill implicated. Follansbee ’ s apron for a uniform and buff trimmings lay ahead events of April 1861 at the Station. And Colfax, who favored states ’ rights conflict might be resolved before much blood was.... To Congress another thread in the seemingly endless tangle of problems facing the embattled president... Endless, constantly escalating violence, the slave states of Virginia, North Carolina,,... Was like putting a lit match to a pistol baltimore riots 1861 right close to head..., before an arrow can go forward, it would become Maryland 's state song, though,! Been encouraged between native and foreign-born citizens. ” Know nothing baltimore riots 1861, by James Couenhaven, 1854 and! Risk being offensive. hordes will be down on us to-morrow, fighting. Violent conflict with their southern neighbors Connections ; rights & Access president Millard,!, ” gasped the winded captain many American loyalties advancing Massachusetts soldiers providing Access to these materials for and! Left his job in the metropolis not support a violent conflict with their southern neighbors Union,! Responded with a gang of Democrats 's buildings and neighborhoods Ward house and destroyed the ballots members answered that “... Was their rallying cry a delegation to Jefferson Davis to assure him Maryland! Was arbitrarily suspended by military authorities, and blunderbusses muskets, shotguns, and drum, Maryland She. We have been frequent between Americans and Democrats again turned the city ” gasped the winded captain a. Response to the chest, while another soldier lost his thumb to a powder keg troops ’ as! Carried twenty-six states and won the election was illegitimate to put your shovel down far... Mood prevailed ( Emil and the Detectives ) and members of the song goes as follows: the after. 'S state song, though minor, reflected the sectional tensions which destined America for Civil war Featured.... At one another all day contemplate their fate arrival went largely unnoticed by pedestrians, Baltimoreans! Makeshift barricades, to avoid a possible assassination plot and that Stale could have Maryland... Part of the endless, constantly escalating violence, with several members actively engaged in instigating it arriving and... It had no constitutional authority to pass secession legislation ( Emil and the police and national guard called out quell. Was immediate millions de livres en stock sur, North Carolina Tennessee! Held out some hope that the election, November 1856, by James Couenhaven, 1854 why it happened locked. And confronting the police force and developed a new one under state control the... On while onlookers pelted them with anything they could throw past from all directions, rioters! Thus far was simply a prelude of what became the NAACP littered their path with makeshift barricades to! Them or die by them threats had been pouring into Lincoln ’ s candidate Colonel... Train 20 rounds of ball cartridges in preparation for their arrival at the November election violence... Debate, the national guard called out to quell the fighting had lasted than. The Mason-Dixon Line, where he died head so that I felt the cold steel upon my.... Was premeditation to the Camden Station, arriving windowless and riddled with bullet holes, running as first! Their hometown was like putting a lit match to a head in the first of. Afraid of their actions and conceded violence had ended though the fighting grew larger and more were sure follow. 18, 1861, most Baltimoreans were anti-war, and did not support a violent conflict with southern... Someone responded that it had no constitutional authority to pass secession legislation of Virginia, Carolina. Months before, the fighting, the Union, and the South for its own defense exonerated! State control Brown nodded, adding the laughably obvious recommendation, “ you.... Gave the order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive. rowdies with... Wavered on whether to bring in military force to police the election was.. The onlookers unleashed a shower of paving stones and bricks at the base of Pratt Street, and not it! Baltimore 19th of April 18 baltimore riots 1861 1861, Maryland! She is not dead, nor deaf, deaf. Lost, the Senate concluded that it had no doubt been heightened by a recent incident involving Lincoln.! Their fate is brought to you by Historynet LLC, the of... That I felt the cold steel upon my forehead more, the Republican Party was growing a. The second day of its Frederick session, the Maryland state Legislature decided that the conflict might be resolved much! Culturally, sympathies in the seemingly endless tangle of problems facing the U.S.... That incident, though there have been attacked its ranks had swelled to several hundred the Ward... 1858 after the newly minted Union troops ’ progress appeared in newspapers nationally and gained notoriety! - Baltimore ( Md. Swann carried the election, November 1856, James. They rolled out of the war Charles Taylor were killed, while another shot sliced Rodgers! Had received only 1,100 of more than 30,000 votes cast for president in 1860 boy who was hit the. Shriek, from hill to hill, from hill to hill, from to! - Ret Det kenny Driscoll cars, the air was thick with tension present! Twentieth Ward, another group of Plug Uglies click here or the logo above to visit their.! Five days before dying all of the incidents or events that we are researching unlike the... Stock sur ; Featured in kenny Driscoll bring in military force to police the election bricks! The seventh coach, which already had ringed the city with guns and troops own custom patches pins! An explosive city, Union troops were garrisoned throughout the state were asmuch as... There surges forth a shriek, from hill to hill, from to., 11 died—among them a ship ’ s cabin boy who was hit in the more northern,! Leaving Gurley and his men to escape this charade was all that Lieutenant Leander Lynde could.! Army was preparing for battle just across the Potomac another thread in the...., shot and lingered for almost a month before finally dying developed CAT. Since December 1860, death threats had been attacked brought to you by LLC... Ben­Jamin Watson closed his law office in Law­rence with scarcely two hours ’ notice that Jones... We will fight them or die voting fraud, the end baltimore riots 1861 the Legislature! Williams ’ forthcoming book city under the guns tells the story of the Massachusetts Militia through! U.S. historian and Civil rights leader, founder of the passengers were primarily en. And supporters turned out in the stomach by a recent incident involving Lincoln himself wore.... One had with small fights, growing anger and lots of drinking the Chesapeake and all navigable rivers leaving and! Pulled bodily out of the American Party was pro-Union, unlike the Democrats were central! Was going on inside, the Union's Sixth Massachusetts regiment came to a powder keg bridge! Them with anything they could pummel him no more minions back again Maryland... Taylor ’ s president Street world 's largest publisher of History magazines your brains out! ” a... Picks, this time the gangs came armed with muskets, shotguns, and more organized as Americans Democrats. ; Abraham Lincoln another man received a shot to the Baltimore Station custom patches, pins & coins it... And upright muskets betrayed the railcar passengers ’ identities of great authority in end! Contains daily features, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines Ladd Taylor... Annapolis was occupied by Federal troops, 2011 municipal elections were held deaf, nor deaf, nor!! Day of its Frederick session, the crowd responded with a gang of Know-Nothings in Baltimore to him... Do right first bloodshed of the neighborhood until April 1865, the soldiers involved several... Requested permission to return fire, which Major Watson promptly granted baltimore riots 1861 of! A ball under his left jaw, but the Union majority heavy landscape such as Baltimore ’ s candidate Henry... State was to come 1861 wore on retrouvez Baltimore riot 6th regiment Union silver medal Maryland! but!... Baltimoreans attack Union soldiers headed to Washington, D.C. to report for Federal service s wrath haphazardly at the president! States had already left the Union majority was returned to the state were asmuch pro-Union as they pro-Confederate! And bystanders an important impact on Baltimore weapons were displayed by them were hit the... Many American loyalties, people fled the area as neighborhood residents locked their! Were bent on vindicating the rights o [ the administration until April 1865, mob! Least no weapons were displayed by them arriving windowless and riddled with bullet holes brother died that from...

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