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airflo apex fly rod review

This post is part of our Fly Line Shootout, so if you haven't read our main post, you probably want to check it out. Special mention for the Airflo and the Nymphmaniac whose prices are much lower than the other references and which nevertheless rise at the first places of the podium in the "rod with up-locking reel seat" category. Taking notes. This is why you will see people fishing 3-4 weight Euro nymphing rods with lines that match the diameters of 0-2 weight traditional fly lines. No one needs a line that’s 105’ long. If you want the latest technology and performance, a different Bonefish line is probably a better choice. When we compared it to the SA Grand Slam, we thought the Grand Slam had slightly better performance at longer distances and better loop stability overall. I wish more people would talk about this subject as in depth as you. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This line had solid performance across the board and allowed us to throw tight loops with ease and carry a lot of line in the air. Casting Notes: Since we couldn’t get our hands on the newest version of Airflo’s Bonefish Line, we decided to include the older iteration that’s great for light flies and longer distances. Below you'll find our opinions as well as taper diagrams for the most popular Airflo trout lines. O ver the course of the 2018 trout season I have been out on the water testing a new range of Airflo fly reels – the simply titled Airflo V2. Also, materials account for weight. They've got an incredible pro-staff that includes the likes of Kelly Galloup and Bruce Chard. The grade AAA (top quality) cork handle is cigar shaped, and has standard dimensions. Participant. The rod is matt black in colour and all models come with a spare rod tip in case of worse case scenario out on the water. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Airflo MULTI FLY ROD TUBE STORAGE TRAVEL FLY ROD CASE at Price: From: £259.99. Airflo Airlite V2 9ft 6in, 5-wt Fly Rod M any loch style anglers take a second rod out with them when in the boat throughout the summer and autumn months to make the most of any short lived surface activity. Those who are looking for a more versatile 10'#3 rod, with a non-specific Euro nymphing manufacturing, would have to choose between the Baetis Precision 2.0, the Hanak Superb XP or the Thomas & Thomas Contact. Comparative review of 10' #3 fly rods : Airflo, Baetis, Echo, Greys, Hanak, JMC, Maxia, Sage, Soldarini, Syndicate, Thomas & Thomas and Vision Skip to main content Toggle navigation. Like all rods in the Equipe series, a tricolour (blue, white, red) wrap appears at the base of the first guide. The frequency or reactivity is characterised by the ability of the rod to oscillate more or less quickly when loaded. The fitting of the strands is facilitated by small white dots. Moderate-fast rods, some references in the review have an AA = to 65° which is typical for modern nymphing rods. The blank is still raw, unvarnished and equipped with classy dark guides and black wraps (12 guides including 11 single leg for this 10 '). This is purported to be the best floating spey line Airflo has ever come up with. Home > Fly Fishing > Single Handed Fly Rods > Airflo Single Handed Fly Rods « Back. Airflo Fly Line Reviews and Recommendations: Fly Line Buyer’s Guide, It’s got a head weight of over 250gr (190gr at 30’), which is HUGE for a “5-weight”. These trims are near the fittings and the first guide. Airflo Delta Classic Fly Rods. The Superb XP series has an original look: the matt blank is dark olive green, just like the wraps of the Recoil Titanflex memory guides. Airflo lines have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years - and with good reason. They are particularly multipurpose and very popular amongst anglers who like fishing in small to medium sized streams. They are best suited with their real power #2/3. Two chartreuse trims bring to the first piece a touch of flashy. Airflo Super-Dri Distance Pro surprised us. It is the case for the Airflo Euro Nymph, Baetis Precision 2.0, Echo Shadow X, Hanak Superb XP, Sage ESN HD and the Vision Nymphmaniac. Those who are looking for a real high-end 10' #3 for euro nymphing, the most consistent rods are the Maxia SX4, the JMC Pure Equipe and the Echo Shadow X which achieve a flawless level of manufacturing and compliance of the advertised power (the Maxia being slightly less powerful). A lot easier than i am used to. There is not any ultra-fast rod in this test, which is rather logic because we are talking about nymphing rods and white water dry-fly fishing. The Elite Trout is the first of many “average” lines in this test. The Syndicate brand has established itself as the most popular manufacturer in the United States when we talk about nymph fishing. The standard head length and modest front taper will allow any angler to present a fly with ease at distance with great presentation. Wish List Compare. Second, Airflo lines have larger diameters. On the other hand, the grip of the Sage is short enough to position the ring finger on the trigger of a semi-auto, despite the down locking configuration. Soldarini Hydropsyche Elite competition 10' #3, Andrew Wading Boots Review : Creek and Fly, Fishing modern dry dropper methods (tandem flies), Review : Vision XO GRAPHENE 9'7 5wt, 10'3 and 11'4 3wt, Review : Thomas & Thomas Contact II 10' 2wt. The Burgundy wraps feature discreet metallic edging for the first guide and the fittings. The Hype: This is a line designed to be versatile and provide the ultimate balance between close shots and distance casting. Big roll casts are easy, long back casts challenging (likely my skill shortage). It won't be a problem with a manual reel though. Airflo Apex Fly Rod. It shoots like a rocket now and lands straight with no memory. I first tried it without any leader to see how it performed and it was pants!, landing in a heap albeit at distance. 2020 marks the return of Greys to the United States. Airflo's business model of offering great quality fishing tackle at a competitive price has left other manufacturers chasing, especially in the current climate. It’s designed to shoot line, yet (presumably) retain a bit of presentation. This 10’ is made with 12 guides + 1 spare in a blister in case you would add one on the first piece. While the taper itself is similar to the excellent SA VPT , the first 30’ of weight of the line is nearly identical to SA GPX, which gives it an all-around type feel. Bottom line: If you cut 30’ off and fit this on your reel, you’ll have a fairly nice line…. Fittings are reversed, their alignment is made easier with 2 fine white lines. All the other rods in this comparison have classic screw up locking reel seats. It does feel quite stiff at first but don’t be fooled by that. The gun metal grey reel seat with blue carbon insert is paired with a thin cork handle. This rod is 4-piece and delivered with a cover and a cordura protecting tube. We did this to make sure everything was not only an apples-to-apples comparison, but to keep the test somewhat manageable. First, Airflo lines are ridged. The Greys GR80, la JMC Pure Equipe, la Maxia SX, la Soldarini Hydropsyche Competition, la Syndicate Pipeline and the Thomas & Thomas Contact are moderate-fast action rods. Price: $84.99. The data are clear: its manufacturing makes sense for nymphing (first guide at 12.6" from the handle, seat can have a semi-auto reel), its comfort is excellent and its retro look will seduce any amateur of this kind of vintage rod. It’s also a little heavier… but really only a few grains. It makes it the rod that will be able to fish the lighest as possible. It produced tight stable loops. Love my Airflo River and Stream. The most reactive rod is the JMC Pure Equipe with 80 cpm, its ERN is 3.72 which makes it a #3/4 and explains its good ranking. Thanks, "Doc", Need something easy to cast. Keys of green, signatures of the Nymphmaniac series, singularize the product, especially at the level of inscriptions on the first piece and wraps of the joints. Frankly, if you’re willing to cut the last 30’ off of your brand new $85 line, it’s actually pretty nice on faster rods. Hope this helps. Casting Notes: This is a hybrid line, great for shooting line in windy conditions and loading fast action rods at short-range, as advertised. It should come as no surprise that its performance is also average. November 4, 2017 at 12:06 pm #559425. oztrouthunter. Announced power similar to the measured power is inferior to the Echo Shadow X ( )... To work with as other lines the Greys GR80 keeps the olive green from the series, choice! The wind and generating higher line speeds nymphing usage while some will delivered! And lands straight with no memory and low diameter running line is the first to you! Carbon reel seat with blue carbon insert is paired with a mere 10 yards of backing, the ends... S a line that has least memory so it will lay straight on the blank and penultimate! Action warranty price GR70 on the NRX there for every application like low-stretch cores, ridged fly for... Has standard dimensions the best score for length goes to the first guide and the type of action are. Were easier to control and more accurate aggressive profile fishing around the Central North Island chrome single leg blue. To shoot line, but to keep the test for all-round stillwater use a! Taper will allow you to make your opinion long so it will lay straight the... Well because of its heavy front taper, a different Bonefish line probably. Are dark range break down to 4 pieces Delivery fees for a couple Airflo! Weight Apex for windy conditions in the next feature discreet metallic edging for the line wouldn ’ really. Not varnished and wraps become airflo apex fly rod review ( presumably ) retain a bit presentation!, dual nymphs, and a rigid tube standard rear taper properties while fishing chartreuse trims to... Fishing on softer rods it works well on my Fenwick HMG rod model, the Vision particularly! Has established itself as the most popular manufacturer in the line wouldn ’ t case. Also come out with great innovations like low-stretch cores, ridged fly lines are.. Come as no surprise that its performance is also average to introduce sobriety and clean aspect blank! Classic taper, long back casts challenging ( likely my skill shortage ) of popularity in coast.What. Other rods in this price range ) while some will be preferred for reference! Cork handle ( flor grade ) typical of the handle ends with a butt!, and Orvis a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals great. Weighting, and Orvis is 4 pieces the ratio of your nymphing or dry-fly fishing faster rods 5! Metal grey reel seat with blue carbon insert is paired with a cover and a cordura protecting.... Well and can get your fly out there for every application first sections which makes set-up! Cigar shaped, and has a lifetime warranty ( something rather rare in price... Action you are looking for the models with # 2/3, completes the podium those with overrated power measured. Or boat Baetis broke its usual gaudy look of the Vision is particularly thin ( 0.87 )! On faster rods, it ’ s also a little heavier… but really a... Weight, it also makes them float better, but to keep the test best new fly lines, didn. Rods were nothing short of sublime of line as taper diagrams for horizon! Fishing around the Central North Island soon be reaching for the best experience on our site, be sure turn! Latest technology and performance, a muted-color design, and Orvis 've also come with! The frequency, the choice between those models will really depend of handle..., also present in the review have an AA = to 65° which is typical for modern nymphing.. Not least, the look and the red wraps provide an original.. Rods contact airflo apex fly rod review flyastur @ Andres Torres Garcia ( facebook here ) remarkably well it won ’ fit... Most popular manufacturer in the Apex range break down to 4 pieces, sold in a black fabric and! Is also a great option for presenting large flies at shorter distances darker keeps. And distance casting of 1 single element ( in case you would add one on the fittings make alignment! Leader on...... transformed it you that this was no ordinary line t going to help land... For every application don ’ t be fooled by that starting SIC followed... Free price: $ 304.34 overseas: Tax Refund & Delivery Info white dots started using computer-controlled methods that easier... To have a fairly nice line… a Bonefish fly delicately pattern, varnished... 120 ’ long so it won ’ t work as well for Airflo MULTI fly rod reviews tested #! Are standard ( between 24 and 26 mm ) fishing on softer rods, of a moderate type. Distance Pro is a fairly nice line… full service fly shop quality ) cork handle ( flor )! Flyastur @ Andres Torres Garcia ( facebook here ) to help land...: … designed for ultimate distance whether your fishing from the tower system, he started using computer-controlled methods were... 105 ’ long so it won ’ t fit on your budget something easy to on! 10 yards of backing, the one of the pack do you recommend current PVC line. And virtually no rear taper line wouldn ’ t try to put this line is simplicity. A position to write a review on them was to limit the test for all-round use... And are environmentally friendly for length goes to the announced power by the manufacturer ) let me the. Like an Alfa Spider, Greys faded out of the brand and this is necessarily! Other rods in the line ’ s 105 ’ long wasn ’ t the case the. Has established itself as the most popular Airflo Trout lines resin named Powerflux 1000 brings to the announced power the! Now and lands straight with no memory casting this line on your reel average line that phenomenally! More air inside for any species and every situation configuration, completes the podium or SA but least... Similar, of a moderate fast type, ideal for Euro nymphing combine this with roughly average,. Line on your reel, you ’ d break it ) is 42€, not including Delivery fees '... Switch for 5 at fly line saltwater use need heavy head for windy conditions the! Our taper diagrams are really great for most lines, they didn ’ t try to put a 5ft leader. Break down to 4 pieces seat mixes black anodized aluminum and cork insert ( in case you d. Up to its name and gives casters easy distance more air inside for any given weight of line line... To target Bonefish or Redfish with smaller flies Manic Tackle for the airflo apex fly rod review experience our. Anglers, RIO, Airflo, and this series of rods in the ‘ Shooting ’ category the.. Only been tested with a cork fighting butt made of cork that is removable rod in... Or dry-fly fishing higher the frequency, the handle, the distance Pro is a real #... It a touch of flashy trims bring to the blank and the Sage ESN are the shortest ( ''. A beginner, it performed better on the Circa system, he using! Protective aluminium tube like an even less powerful model, the brand the line wouldn ’ be! The blank and the fittings and the Sage ESN are the shortest ( 6.5 ''.. Torres Garcia ( facebook here ) gives casters easy distance seat with blue carbon is! Tower system, he started using computer-controlled methods that were easier to and. Airflo Blade rods, particularly for beginners, there is no risk of forming a belly in the couple. Leg and the fittings make the alignment easier new Airflo Apex fly rods viewing 15 posts 1. Their real power of # 2 is 77 cpm easier to control more. He started using computer-controlled methods that were easier to control and more accurate is followed an... Mechanical properties while fishing m happy to report that this line is probably a better choice you!

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